P-DG Series Filters

What is it?
The unlimited swimming pool unit is a kind of equipment which uses laminar flow propeller to promote water flow and form a
directional water flow. Having accumulated many years of advance technology and practical experience in the field of pool
industrial, to improve the swimmers' swimming experience and life quality,  has creatively developed wall mounted unlimited
swimming machine which is suitable for different sizes of pools.

Where to install?
The AIBO wall mounted unlimited swimming machine could be installed for any skimmer pool or overflow pool whatever is villa
pool, spa pool, hot spring pool, club pool, swimming training center pool, fitness club pool, residential pool.

Main Features 1. Easy to install.Just hung on pool wall with 4pcs fixed screws.
2. Safety performance.Work with low-voltage as DC36V.
3. Operate with low noise,no vibration.
4. Can be installed in the pool with a depth of 0.9m
5. Innovative and fashionable design,pretty and compact.
6. Manufactured by environmental, UV-resistance, corrosion resistant materials.
7. Suitable for reconstructive old pools or new pools in different sizes.

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