Emaux SWP series commercial corrosion resistant FRP pump designed for seawater and water with corrossive compounds applications

Designed for seawater & water with corrossive compounds applications

SWP Series Pump combines the material and manufacturing technology to provide strong resistance for corrosive liquids and the reliability to work under extreme environments.

The SWP pump is a Single Stage, End Suction, Horizontal Centrifugal Pump, designed to ISO 5199-2002 Standards for Chemical Process Pumps. The pumps are designed with vertical centerline discharge and back pull-out construction. All wetted parts are corrosion resistance and non-metallic.

Physical Structure

SWP Exploded Diagram

Technical Information

product dimension

1 Complies with European DIN Standard

2 Smooth hydraulic passages to increase pump efficiency

3 Tapered polygon impeller provides good capacity and greater efficiency

4 Externally adjustable impeller clearance provides ease of maintenance and maximum efficiency

5 All wetted parts in either Vinytl Ester Epoxy Resin provide better chemical resistance

6 Casting through bolts maintain casing o-ring seal integrity under all hydraulic operating conditions

7 Integral Shaft Sleeve Design protects the pump Shaft from exposure to the process fluid

8 Large capacity Swedish made SKF bearing ensure long operation life

9 Heavy-duty shaft minimizes deflection to maximize mechanical seal life

10 External type AISI-316L mechanical seal for highly corrosive fluids, static and rotating ring in SiC and Spring

11 Polyester thermosetting powder coated power frame construction to prevent external corrosion

12 Coupled to ABB Motor. Optional earthing rings or insulated bearings to prevent bearing erosion when installing with VFD
       for the electric motor speed control.

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