For fresh water commercial pools
SE Series Commercial Iron Pump build to cater commercial usage (e.g Large-size swimming pool, spa pool, water feature, etc). Cast iron body with easy to clean large strainer basket. Stainless Steel or Metal Impellers options are available to match your need, range from 5.5HP to 15HP, suitable for heavy-duty commercial usage (e.g. Large size swimming pool, commercial spa pools, water features). Renowned ABB motor is used to ensure quiet and stable operation.

Emaux SE series commercial cast lron pump for fresh water commercial pools

Technical Information

Product Dimension

 Cast iron body with AISI-304 S.S. basket

 AISI-304 S.S. or Cast iron Impellers are optional to match your need.

 Available with ABB motor

 Asynchronous, Two poles motor

 Class insulation: 130(B)

 IP55 Waterproof standard

 Built-in thermal protection

 Overload protection

 Available in 380V/50Hz

 Testing Pressure 50PSI (3.5 Bar)

 Basket Volume 5 litres

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