* SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - Made of strengthened ABS material, which features great insulation function, it can resist sunlight,
  water, and age; its maximum flow-through is up to 7000 L/H, suitable for decorative ponds of 1600-2100 Gallons and fish ponds
  of 800-1000 Gallons
* CONVENIENT TO CLEAN - Equipped with a crank handle on the top of the pond filter, it allows you to clean the filter by the
  internal cleaning rod without opening the container
* PREMIUM FILTER SPONGES - 4 Built-in brand-new filter sponges make a double filter area per unit volume to improve filtration
  and reduce maintenance
* UV LIGHT - Comes with a UV light, it inhibits the growth of brown algae and reduces water pollution and fish diseases for your
  fish; a blue indicator light tells whether the UV-C light is working or not
* POWERFUL EFFECT - This pond filter is an effective sealed pressure filter system which uses biotechnology to make the
  nitrifying bacteria breed faster; This helps to improve the quality of the water by speeding up the decomposition of fish
  feces; Notice: pump is not included

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