New fully automatic backwash pond filter, smart koi pond filter.

When it comes to pressurized pond filters, there are many reasons why you don't want to use sand.

It will require larger pumps to run, which can result in higher energy consumption.

Because the sand is so fine, fish waste can build up on the surface and clog the filter, making it unusable.

You will need to backwash your sand filter daily to keep waste from clogging it.

If the sand does clog, it cannot be backwashed properly and must be cleaned by hand.

Sand provides poor living space for beneficial bacteria and therefore has no biofiltration properties.

So now that you know why sand can cause poor filtration systems, you can still use other media in pressure filters. Beaded media and microbial filter media require less energy to operate, are easier to maintain, and have a greater biological surface area than sand. Just make sure you install a screen to cover the outlet so the lightweight beads don't get washed away during the backwash. I recommend just enough to remove dust not beads.

When you convert a pressurized sand filter to a biological unit, you only want to fill the tank half way up with the biological filter media (I recommend the filter and UV pack). Next you watch the flow rate through the filter, if the water is moving through the filter too fast then the filter is not bio-effective. I do not recommend connecting the pump directly to the filter. Instead, you want to use a flow regulator so you can better control the pressure. When running in filter mode, the water flow is slower and the flow is increased when backwashing. For transportation, I recommend emailing and asking for some guidance on what you need to drive. Before you call, please have the following information ready: tank diameter and height.

Abplag smart valve with pressure sensor and timed backflush, mobile app WIFI control SM10 AO 1.5" /2.5" 3"4" 3.5 bar NBR, tpe 100-240 VAC

Thanks to its intelligent control electronics and clear display, a fully automatic backflush system with 1 ½", 2" and 3" 6-way backflush valves can be used in one device. The device offers a perfect overview and numerous Fully automatic function.In addition, it can be programmed and programmed according to individual needs.

6 Position - Backflush Valve


6-bit free rotation-manual-knob-APP pressure timing free setting

Automation of ABPLAG's 1½", 2" and 3" 6-way valves

Linear Rotary Actuator with Control Function

Multi-range working voltage for different grids (100-240 VAC 50-60Hz/150-300VDC or 24V AC/DC)

True RTC with 10-year battery

easy to retrofit

Operation via display and buttons on phone and case

Fully automatic backwash release

Fully automatic pump control

APP control

Integrated error handling

Power-off electric reset (back to filter position)

Freely configurable digital inputs

Protection class IP65

manual operation

optical position indicator

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