ABPLAG smart electric valve actuators combine very compact housing dimensions with an impressive array of standard features. Mounted on a direct mount ball valve, the assembly is lightweight and very small making it ideal for OEMs, machine builders, skid builders and more. The compact PM electric actuator is ideal for the manufacture of electric ball and electric butterfly valves in any material, including plastic, brass, carbon and stainless steel, and specialty alloys. Buy your PM smart actuator here with confidence.

ABPLAG-PM Series UPVC Motorized Ball Valve with True Union (Double Union) Quick Connect. Easy to install and maintain. This product is a cost-effective option for your automation needs. Low cost and food safety. Used in water treatment, paper and pulp, waste water treatment, etc. Two-way and three-way ball valve types are available to meet your application needs.

It also provides manual control, signal control, wireless control, wifi remote control, built-in battery, power-off reset, RS485 and other different voltage options to help you control the valve more easily.

Advantages of electric plastic ball valve:

If you are looking for an electric ball valve that can provide you with a cost-effective fluid control solution, then the electric plastic ball valve will be your first choice. The advantages of plastic ball valves are low cost, light weight, easy installation and easy operation. Plastic ball valves are suitable for normal temperature and pressure industries, such as water treatment systems, RO equipment, etc.

By receiving or feeding back signals from electric actuators, the opening/closing of valves can be remotely controlled to help you improve production efficiency.

ABPLAG-PM series electric UPVC ball valve features:

Made of UPVC material, it has the characteristics of low cost, light weight, anti-corrosion and food safety.

Choose from 3 types of valve actuators to help you automate more easily and meet your actuation needs. Including switch type, regulating type, intelligent type, explosion-proof type, IP68 type and self-returning type valve actuators.

Manual override is available. It allows you to manually open or close the valve and keep your project safe in the event of a power outage

PPH, stainless steel, CPVC and PVDF materials are also available for you

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