Advantages of ABPLAG Intelligent Electric Valve Actuator

Intelligent electric actuators provide you with automated fluid solutions. This electric actuator is a 90-degree quarter-turn rotary electric actuator for ball valves and butterfly valves. It includes an adjustment module and an LCD display. This means you can control the opening and closing of the valve remotely through the control system, or in the field. Helps you control valves remotely or locally.

Features of ABPLAG Intelligent Electric Valve Actuator

Suitable for upgrading manual valves to automation

High quality motor and up to 4000Nm torque ensure the valve is fully opened or closed

Weatherproof & IP67 rated, meaning the actuator can be used outdoors

Easily check the angle of the valve through the LCD display.

AC & DC power options and 4-20mA, 1-5V DC, 0-10V DC signal options help you connect different systems to control valves

Module control, remote control and manual control available

The unique design and manufacture reduces the failure rate of the actuator. What's more, it has overload protection to ensure actuator and pipeline safety

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