Optimize your in-ground pool experience with the CIPU Salt Chlorine Generator. This natural approach to chlorination combats and eliminates the harsh smell associated with traditional factory-made chlorine and provides a convenient process of keeping your pool clean and clear. Rather than mixing, measuring or moving heavy buckets of chlorine, use this salt chlorination system to enjoy a fast, automated experience. Your pool will be mechanically sanitized as salt is transformed into chlorine. You’ll also see a cost reduction of 50% using this salt chlorine generator when compared to the use of other types of chlorine.





 Power Input

 115V/AC、50/60HZ &  220/230V AC 、50/60HZ

 Power Output

 22~28V DC  I<=6.5A

 Chlorine Generation / 24hours



 Pool Size /m3



 Required Flow rate

 700-4000 gallon/H(2650-15140L/H)

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