5 different series and 10 selections of pre-programmed LED lighting pattern available


1. PB Series: Sheet of water with standard trajectory.

2. PBA Series: Sheet of water with arc trajectory.

3. PBS Series: Sheet of water with sheer trajectory.

4. RA Series: Rainfall effect with arc trajectory.

5. RS Series: Rainfall effect with sheer trajectory.

Product Dimensions

Models with different length and width



1. Available in two different widths: 25 mm and 150 mm, they are suitable for different wall sizes

2. Four lengths: 300 mm, 600 mm, 900 mm and 1200mm

3. Five models for different water effects PB Series PBS Series PBS Series RA Series RS Series

4. LED strip powered by external 12V DC control box, safe and reliable

5. The LEDs can be operated through panel or remote control and 10 lighting patterns available

6. Multiple water descents can be synchronized to act at the same pace

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