RGB Multicolor LED Pool Light for Inground Pool, IP68 Waterproof 54W 10 Inch Pool Lights with 50 Foot Cord, RGB Color Changing Underwater Swimming Pool Submersible led Lights for Wet Niche

1.100%Resin Filled -100% Waterproof
2.The LED's are driven by constant current driver which allows more stability
3.Super brightness SMD2835 LEDs, we use Edison Brand LED Chip
4.Easy Installation- Just fix two screws on the wall
5.The most reasonable arrangement of LED enhance the brightness of the pool lights
6.Transparent resin protect the LED lamp from water ,at the same time , enhances the brightness of the LED


Installation procedure:

1. Connect the wire to the converter ofAC12V (the lamp cannot be directlyconnected to 110V or 220V powersupply, otherwise the lamp will bebroken)
2. Make good groove holes on the wall.and make waterproof (suitable for thesize holes protruding from the back ofthe product)
3. Mark the fixed position on the wall surface, drill the hole, and insert thesuitable anti-slip rubber plug
4. Place the lamp on the wall and lock it with the screws provided.
5. It is highly recommended to use waterproof transformer and waterproofjunction box together
6. The product must be immersed in water to effectively dissipate heat, so werecommend that the depth of installation should be 50cm underwate

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