A complete set of filters

Product structure:
It’s consisted of a full filtration, sewage discharge, addition and disinfection system. The entire device consists of the
following components:
Glass steel shell and cover;
A glass fiber filter (equipped with multi-directional valve, filter material);
Automatic chlorine addition device; a set of valves;
It can achieve high level filtration of rainwater, with filter accuracy of 50-100 microns; garbage can be cleaned through the
valve to discharge the sewage. It can also add chlorine disinfection, to avoid deterioration and bad smell in the water. When the
pressure goes down, clean water goes back into the tank, and water quality is maintained. Pressure goes up when the water supply
is done.
modelYBSDM-10YBSDM-20Major dispositionsQuartz sand filter 500, automatic addition device, multiple valves, pressure control valve
Quartz sand filter 650, addition device, multiple valves, pressure control valveFlow capacity (m³/ h)1020Working pressure(kg/cm2)2
2Sand tank filtration rate(m/h)5050Sand cylinder filtration area(m2)0.220.38Pipe Size1.51.5Dimension1300*1300*1000mm

Integrated design, a perfect combination of filtration, circulation, disinfection;
Greatly reduce engineering work, construction costs, and construction duration
The shell is tough, corrosion-resistant, suitable for outdoor environment or under green belt. It can survive in extreme weather
condition and low temperature, ;
There is a lid that can be separated into two parts, fully open or half open; easy maintenance.

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