• advanced production

    The automated manufacturing process employs state-of-the-art technology in mold making, plastic blow molding, plastic injection, metal production, glass fiber production, motor and pump production, light manufacturing and smart assembly. We provide flexible one-stop solutions to meet your various needs for water treatment projects.

    Branches and offices around the world will cooperate with each other for global business development and sales activities. In order to facilitate our better R&D and production to meet the needs of different customers, we have set up this dedicated production center in Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces of China, which enables us to effectively supply high-quality products to local and global markets.

  • Our certificate

    In the past ten years, we have actively participated in important water projects and worked closely with industrial consultants, developers and engineers. Bring energy-saving and healthy life to friends all over the world, and its consumption level is popular. 

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